University of Texas at Austin
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Mia Eltiste

UX Research and Design

SP 2021

Mia moved from Omaha, Nebraska which you’ll notice when she calls soda, ‘pop’ and mentions Warren Buffet lives in her ‘hood. She received a BA in Psychology with a Mathematics minor from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln after studying Petroleum Engineering at Tulsa University for two years. Following her undergraduate degree she transitioned to running her startup, Mia Ellsworth & Co., full-time for 3 years where she customized planners based upon an individual’s personality and preferences. Mia is focused on User Experience at the iSchool and is interested in ethical design, social entrepreneurship, and the impact technology has on society. After earning her MSIS degree, she hopes to infiltrate the boy’s club of tech startups and help companies shift their focus to include psychology, empathy, and social responsibility within their businesses and designs.